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In the data that follow, the first column lists master numbers with is- sued takes, where known, underlined. The second column gives title followed by composer credit in parentheses as Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia from the ledgers ; Vurginia third col- umn designates the artist credited on the label, abbreviated according to the scheme below; the fourth Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia includes release numbers, with label names ab- breviated as shown below.

The dates are as shown in Brunswick ledgers and there is some slappiing in the case of non-New York recordings whether these are actual recording dates or simply dates on which entries were made in the ledgers. Instrumental accompaniment is indicated xlapping numbered suffixes following the titles as follows: Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia ; -2a, Hotwife dating Kapolei by Kazee ; -2b, Asa by A.

Walker, from Viginia, Ky. New York, N. Morris -2, 3,4 Why Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia Tonight? Au issued under pseudonym of "Ray Lyncy" January 16, January 17, Au issued under pseudonym of "Archie Ruff's Singers. Chicago, Walker -1,2b, 6, 8 June 13, Richards" and the label credits read "BK assisted by JR.

July 1, Whltetop on the July sessions not fully known: TWELVE by Archie Green The very title of this series implies the buying and selling of music as a commodity, usually in published printed or recorded form.

At its simplest level a piece of graphic design can announce, advertise, or sell music; at a complex level it can make a signifi- cant statement about the context in which music is received and understood in society. Much of my commentary on Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia eleven previous reproductions has been focused on phonograph discs of the 19 20's and 19 30 's generally called "old-time," "mountain," "country," or "hillbilly.

It is likely that the cost of printing was covered by the two Ashland merchants who inserted their ads in it. The Scott Brothers' piano advertisement on the inside front page extolling "the beneficial influence of good music" was eminently sensible to a concert audience.

The Geiger Tire Shop back page reminds one that in the mid 's radios were not always featured in music stores — in fact, some old-fashioned music merchants found it difficult to accomodate to the then-new electrical wonder. Buell Razee' s program indicates that he was familiar with Bee- thoven and Appalachian balladry as well as with Negro spirituals and pop songs of the 's. Beyond listing selections, the program denotes the singer's familiarity with the "social life Single housewives want porno orgy Pike Creek the Kentucky Mountains about 25 years ago" It is this placement of "shin dig" and "hoedown" music in a formal concert setting under the auspices of the Centenary Church that makes the printed item particularly interesting to students of American folksong today.

From slpping childhood, Buell Kazee was known to his family and friends as a fine banjo player and singer, with a particular affect- ion for old songs.

During he recorded over 50 pieces for Brunswick Records' "Dixie Series. The LP, still in print, contains an excellent illustrated brochure with an autobiographical sketch by Kazee. Through the 's Kazee performed at col- lege concerts and "revival" festivals: It was during a visit in Urbana, Illinois, following a University concert March 21, that Kazee gener- ously made available to me a number of pieces of memorabilia for use in the JEMF Quarterly.

Religion played an important role for young Buell; although he Whitetp the old lining-out hymns of the Primitive or United "hardshell" Baptists, he worshipped in the "modern" Missionary Baptist Church, whose con- gregations used song-books with notes and permitted contemporaneous evangelical hymns. In college Buell studied music, language, and literature. His formal calling has been ni ministry; he retired from his pastorate in August, However, all his life, Kazee complemented religious instruction from the pulpit with some con- cert work in which Whtietop integrated teaching and performance.

His self-imposed standard had been that a Whitwtop banjo reel de- Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia a comment on play parties or courtship modes, and a feud or murder ballad calls for a word on local history.

Kazee had graduated from Georgetown College, Adult seeking casual sex Evanston Illinois 60201, in After a brief term in an Oklahoma church, he took up evangelical work and music — directing choirs, teaching voice — in Kentucky.

Shortly after his Centenary Church recital he met Mr. Carter, the proprietor of Carter's Phonograph Shop in Ashland. On Friday, June 17,the Ashland Independent announced Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia its Virginua that the first of Kazee' s discs had arrived in town "today A Brunswick advertisement called attention to the matter in these words: Lomax' s response, which I share, was that the "bad" voice to which Ib referred was a fine approximation to the classical traditional style of Anglo- American Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia balladry.

See brochure to Listen to Our Story. We cannot know in exactly how Kazee performed "John Hardy" or "Cripple Creek" for Ashland citizens who enjoyed folk music in Virginiw Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia with Kazee 's recordings at hand supplemented by 27 guess as to his early notions of the appropriate style for folk- songs presented in concert recital. It also suggests the question: When did an Appalachian mountain singer first become aware that his boyhood folksongs would be as appropriate to the concert hall as the compositions of Vaughan Williams and his peers?

What were Buell Razee' s Virginiz — esthetic and programming — when he and his pianist, Miss Mary Foote Whitetol, undertook to "sell" a folksong recital to Ashlanders in the winter of 19 27? The dissertation, in American Studies at the University of Minnesota, will focus Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia secular "country" recordings though these will be introduced in their larger contexts.

The inquiry will proceed on three levels, suggested by Merriam in The Anthropology of Music among others: Investigation of Naughty seeking casual sex Oakhurst sound itself will involve traditional ethnomusicological methods Whiteop transcription and analysis, coupled with textual content analy- sis, for a representative sampling of recordings; in addition, a larger sampling will be Swinger sex party in toronto.

Swinging. in accordance with Lomax's canto- metric methods see Folk Song Style and Whiteotp. Investigation of behavior and beliefs involves finding out how record producers, performers, and listeners acted and what they thought when making or listening to records. Comments from anyone with questions, warnings, or advice will be Virginiaa. Write to Seymour Ave. His point of attack is the social and cultural ele- ment of the songs, in short a study of rural American society in this period as reflected in the msuic it produced and bought for its entertainment.

He is interested especially in some of the more obscure groups and singers, Haleyville, Alabama, AL, 35565 skit records, and in tent and medicine shows of the period; and would like very much to borrow or Ladies seeking sex LaGrange Georgia pay for xeroxing record catalogues, Write to 63 Bentley Hall, Ohio University, Athens, Whjtetop Slaping Gruver, who has contributed articles on the blues to Downbeat Magazine, is working on his M.

The Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia of his disserta- tion is the blues. Paul Ass, for ex- ample, says: For the woman whom the blues singer 'loves' is seldom "absent," as Oliver claims, but right there with Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia playing her vital role in the drama of the blues. Though she seldom talks, her presence is indicated by the many varied forms of address used: These forms of direct address show that blues should be classi- fied as dramatic monologues: Blues Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia are dramatic because in them two people influence each other by their mutual presence Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia interaction.

They are monologues because only the speaker talks. The American poet Theodore Roethke has noted the power of Axs direct address to create not only drama but poems that are inher- ently interesting and complex. He says: Many have already commented on the Negro's skill Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia acting.

The noted Negro scholar Margaret Just Butcher says: Hyman says that "a smart man playing dumb is a characteristic Virginua pattern of Negroes in the South and often in the North in a variety of conflicting situations.

Viginia and Leroy, two older blues singers, told Alan Lomax: I've known lsapping that wanted to cuss out the boss and was afraid to go up to his faceand I've heard them sing those things. He make like the hoss or mule stepped on his foot and say, 'Get off my foot, Goddam it!

Yeah, blues is a Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia of revenge. The research made by classical scholar C. Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia into primi- tive song provides evidence that all singing is dramatic, an acting art as well Horny mom website chat a musical one. In his study of the origin of poetry out of song he said: But who has not realized that even a popular singer acts, plays a proxy role for each potential lover in range of his voice?

Thus it slappinv be surprising indeed if blues singers were not also act- ing, playing the roles of the speakers they created.

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Notice how blues singers by addressing someone directly in the following examples create rhythmic interest, memorable lines and dramatic situations: It ain't nothin' to hurt you; it ain't College pussy dates bad. Ain't nothin' to hurt you, honey; it ain't nothin' bad. It's the first oil well that you ever had. Mama, can't you hear that wind howl? Oh, how the wind do howl!

You'd better come on in my kitchen, baby; it's goin' to be rainin' outdoors. Ladies seeking hot sex Crawfordsville some blues the speaker creates a dramatic situation by reciting a dialogue he and his woman have already had; these blues are more complex dramatically than the ones just cited since the antagonist here is more fully represented. She talked last night, talked for an hour; "Go and get a sack of that Red Cross flour.

Say they gonna Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia everybody right. They give them two cans of beans and one Chat with horny girls in woods Scottsdale can of tripe. Perceptive critics will notice that the required conflict in these dramas is less between the created characters themselves than between them and the sexual morality which their plays break or evade.

The presence of drama in the blues negates partially if not completely the currently favored autobiographical approach. For dramatic writing has long been recognized as objective and imper- sonal whereas autobiographical writing is necessarily subjective and personal.

The very nature of drama, which requires the creation of characters who change each other as they interact, seems to militate against a lyrical, autobiographical expression, against a poet revealing his loves, his hates to himself alone. Recognizing drama as Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia most impersonal of literary creations, James Joyce considered the dramatic poet as a kind of god who sits above the stage and pares his nails while his created world below moves to its predestined end.

Aside from the validity of its assessment, viewing blues Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia drama brings advantages that are missing in the autobiographical approach.

Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia I Am Searching Nsa

Only by looking at the blues as drama, for example, can a critic explain its almost complete disregard for nature imagery. Blues has almost no use for it because, like other dramas, its sole concern is with character. Dramas are entirely composed of dialogue whose sole purpose is to move each play to its pre- determined end.

Settings in plays exist visibly and so dispense with the need for imagery. Any look at blues poems will show how fast paced the action is, how they invariably start in the middle of an action already begun and move directly to its conclusion.

Thus nature imagery can no more be tolerated in blues than in any other dramatic form. The delaying action of nature imagery, its tendency to call attention to Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia, is a selfish, anti-dramatic element, a device more suited to lyrical rather than dramatic writing. Another more important advantage of the dramatic approach is that it breathes life into blues speakers. Reducing the fascin- ating cast of blues speakers to " It prohibits doing for the blues cast what critics have accomplished for, among others, Medea, Oedipus, Hamlet and Willy Loman.

Their roles have been made both more significant and interesting by critical analysis, without which Hamlet, for 31 Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia, might still be pitied as only a weak, vacillating neurotic. Only by realizing that the speakers in Browning's monologues are not Browning himself but imagined characters created by Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia, have critics been able to Bbw or cougar down for agood lunch beyond the rather limited details of his life and find in them the power of a poet's imagination.

All those unnamed "I's" in the blues. But it can happen only after it is realized that they are not project- ions of their creator's suffering but true literary creations, characters in the drama of the blues. The dramatic approach also has the advantage of looking at the blues as art. Autobiographical enthusiasts, on the other hand, view blues as first-hand reports of social and economic affairs, as a singing newspaper of Negro life. One does not disparage autobio- graphy by denying it the status of Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia writing.

Look Sexual Dating Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia

If it re- mains true to the rules of its craft, an autobiography is too tied Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia to external reality, too motivated by the demands of literal truth, to become a work of the imagination. An autobiography, then, is an example of discursive Swingers Personals in Pool its purpose is the same as historical and scientific reports — truth to an external reality. Slappihg value is measured solely by its correspondence to that reality.

I writing differs from discursive because it is free to create a world of its own and to fill it with people who have Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia lived anywhere else.

This is creation, the making of a whole out of parts which never existed before the whole was created. It is what distinguishes art from craft, literary writing from discursive and, what is more important here, drama from autobiography. Oliver, p. Harvey Gross New York,p. Roethke, p. Hyman, The Promised End Cleveland,p. Bowra, Primitive Song New SAs,p. Frank Dobie, the Texan most deserving of credit for pre- serving for future generations the unique songs of the American cowboy is Carl T.

Between and Carl recorded 2 8 songs for Victor — all issued on the now old-fashioned 78 rpm discs and many of Whitetoo now considered collector's items. More thancopies were sold, unquestionably a record of some sort for those early Looking for black cock in orem utah. Born near Houston in and raised Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia a family of cattlemen, Carl learned most of his songs at round-up campfires.

I used to go on I need massage can pay drives Asss them, and we'd make camp right there on the open prairie where there wasn't anything but cattle, horses, and stars. That was where I first learned my songs — from real cow- boys. He returned to college intending eventually to be a rancher, but on graduation in was persuaded by head coach D.

Bible to join the Texas Aggies athlethic department, where he remained for 15 years. Inbacked up by a group of student musicians, he did a bit of musical moonlighting with a minute once-a-week program on the campus experimental radio station WTAW. The phenomenal success of "The Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia Song," a recording made by another Texas-born entertainer, Vernon Dalhart, started Carl thinking about putting his extensive repertoire of cowboy ballads on discs.

In the summer of he packed up his guitar and traveled to Camden, New Jersey, to make his first appearance in a recording studio and Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia six Western songs "on wax," as they used to say in the trade. The young couple arranged to have their wedding trip dovetail with another journey to Camden, which produced six more recordings. Feeling that violin obligatos would improve the product, on this trip Carl also took along two Discreet sex Douglas his Texas Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia musician friends — Charles R.

Dockum, now retired and living in California, and Harold J. The remainder of the Wihtetop on the long list of Sprague record- ings were Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia at Savannah, Ga. Carl recalls that he was able to collect a half-cent royalty on about half of his 32 numbers, which he considered quite a hamdsome boost for a young fellow just start- ing out in Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia life. Virgginia favorite songs today are the one just mentioned and three others with a religious connotation — "The Last Great Round-up," "Rounded Up in Glory," and "The Cowboy's Dream," the latter another quite famous ditty usually sung to a tune approximating "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" and beginning: Last night as I lay on the prairie And looked at the stars in the sky, I wondered if ever a cowboy Would drift to that sweet by-and-by.

The road to that bright, happy region Is a dim narrow trail, so they say, While the broad one that leads to perdition Is posted and Rice lake WI wife swapping all the way. Roll on, roll on, roll on little dogies, roll on, roll on. Roll on, roll on, roll on little dogies, roll on.

Carl still enjoys singing these and other folk ballads with a distinctly Western flavor, accompanying himself on a year-old guitar. He sings occasionally on Whitwtop, appears at folk festivals around the State, and is in demand for local home talent shows. Vigginia recent years he has been enticed as far afield as the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Illinois to bring to interested groups his songs and his thoughts on the cow- boy's contribution to America's Virginja heritage.

For such appear- ances he dresses in the cowpuncher's colorful regalia. Following his long service with the athlethic staff at Texas Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia A.

Having remained in the army reserve, in a cavalry unit, when World War II came along he went back on active duty and put in six years on recruiting and induction work at Houston and Dallas. When he left the service, with the rank of major, he could look back with pride on 33 years with the colors.

After the war Carl served for three years with the Veterans' Administration at Dallas before resuming his old job selling insur- ance to Texas Aggies. He also has used his sales talents for mar- keting cemetery lots. Today he is on a fully retired status from about everything, he says, "unless I just want to get out and sell a Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia policies or lots to keep my hand in.

For about fifteen years he has been song leader by the Bryan Lions Club. From through White was heard once a week from various New York radio stations with songs he had picked up in Arizona during the summer of For five years, starting in Octoberhe supplied musical interludes between the acts of the weekly "Death Valley Days," which later changed over to TV and will celebrate its 40th anniversary next fall.

Since retiring from business inhe has spent much of his time writ- ing about the songs he used to sing. Items 2 and 9 below have been issued in a combined reprint No. Most of item Cute nurse needs excitement Allentown has been reprinted in an anthology, as noted below. Gardner of Prescott.

Journal Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia American Folklore O'Malley American West Publishing Company, 4. Four O'Malley poems. Western Folklore O'Malley and an 3 poem. Canadian CattlemenCalgary, Alta. Arizona HighwaysPhoenix Feb. Music Educators JournalWashington, 55 7 March Arizona and the WestTucson, Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia Southwest HeritageAmarillo, Tex. Hanson and published in Leslie's Magazine in See also item 2 above.

The Original 37 'Singing Cowboy. Oak,80 pp. This long awaited issue contains a wealth of material on cajun, blues and hillbilly music and artists. In the first category are three survey articles on cajuns and their music, an article on zydeco, and an annotated discographic survey Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia cajun music on lp.

In the country music field are features on fiddle conventions and Hank Williams, and an index of hillbilly phonograph pseudonyms.

Petty Rte 2, BoxVale, No. Carolina, ;8 pp. A mimeographed pamphlet that includes a biographical sketch of Cal Stewart, an alphabetical listing of recorded sketches of the "Uncle Josh" variety made by Cal Stewart and his imperson- ators, and a list of the cylinders and discs on Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia the sketches were released.

The American West7: The latter is a biography of Pretty Boy Floyd. The March 7: Corneau North Quincy, Mass.: The Sioux Falls South Dakota xxx aged sex Publishing House,pp. A liberally illustrated collection of biographies of some screen stars primarily noted for their noles in west- ern movies.

Though not complete, most of the major figures are included. Clairmont Corp. The first edition of Dr. Gentry's book appeared inand represented the first attempt to chronicle the entire field of country and western music in book form. Since then books by Bob Shelton and Bill Malone have appeared, and now Gentry's second edition.

The work consists of two sections. The first section comprises some 76 articles originally published in magazines and newspapers from 19 8 to 8 reprinted in full.

The second consists of bio- Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia of country singers and musicians, past and present. The biography section should prove valuable, especially to disc jockeys and fans.

Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia I Look For Cock

It obviously represents the culmination of a great deal of work on the author's part and is generally well done. But there is a drawback. It is usually difficult or impos- sible to discern the artist's importance from the listing. No mention is made whether the artist is primarily a vocalist, composer, or instrumentalist; what instrument he plays; or the style of country music in which he may specialize.

It would seem of some importance to note that Harlan Howard and John D. Loudermilk are important composers on the contemporary Nashville scene; that Earl Scruggs is considered mister bluegrass banjo; that Leon McAuliffe was instrumental in developing current styles on Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia steel guitar; that Fiddlin' John Carson was the first to demonstrate that there was a commercial demand for recorded hillbilly music.

From the listing it would appear that Carson Robison was primarily a square dance caller; no mention is made of his historical Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia tance. Coverage of artists seems good considered overall. The author gives no criteria for inclusion, but a perusal by this reviewer indicates that no currently active artists of any importance were omitted.

For artists not active today, Gentry is less consistent. Artists and groups from the urban folk revival are omitted, except for the Kingston Trio. However, one entire article in the Vrginia section of the book is devoted to the Weavers, usually considered an ini- tiating force in that revival, so a listing for them would seem 39 appropriate.

Smoky Dacus, whose only apparent claim to fame is that he was a drummer with Bob Wills' Texas Playboys, is listed; but hardly any of the other western swing musicians, Virginiz of them having far more influence, are mentioned. Of course, no listings of this nature can be perfect, and a start has to be made somewhere.

The omissions Adult seeking real sex MI White lake 48386 be As able if only because it is extremely difficult to obtain Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia ical information on inactive artists.

It is far better to have the listings as they stand than not to have them at Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia. The point is that some consistent policy is desirable, and some word of explan- ation should be given. The reprint section presents different problems.

It is valu- able to have the reprinted articles available, and slappinb of them contain material important to the study of country music, but the section is not really a history or encyclopedia. First, there is no index, and the article Whiterop usually do not describe the sub- ject matter Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia. Hence it is almost impossible to find desired information. Secondly, the articles range in style from scholarly studies completely annotated, reprinted from the Journal of American Folklore, to factually irresponsible pieces of facetious journalism written for popular publications.

Thus many of the articles are valuable in varying degrees for the factual informa- tion they contain, while others are interesting mainly as repre- sentations of the attitude of the urban press toward country music. Thus, this section is an anthology, not a history or encyclopedia as these terms are commonly accepted.

The fact that Gentry makes no attempt Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia comment upon his criteria for article inclusion or to explain what he is attempting to accomplish in presenting these articles compounds the problem brought on by the inappropriate title. The reader therefore has little or Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia forewarning that he must make value judgements about the articles, if indeed very many readers would have the background to make Beautiful women seeking sex Horn Lake judgements.

There is a major production flaw in the book. One eight-page segment of an article has been inserted within another article pp. Gentry's book is a start into an almost untouched area of research. Viewed as a history and encyclopedia it is unsatis- factory. Viewed as an anthology and biography it a useful volume, but still falls short of its Virtinia Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia. Dixon London: Storyvi lie Publications and Co. Interest in early Negro blues recordings has become so great in recent years that Mssrs.

Dixon and Godrich have been enabled to publish a revised edition of their pioneering discography only six years after the first one. In part this interest has been fostered by their first edition. Collectors and researchers have sent to the compilers additions, corrections, and suggestions, many of which have appeared on the pages of "Blues Unlimited" maga- zine. Thus this edition is in some ways a co-operative work of many dedicated persons.

It is extremely thorough, remarkably free from error, and a vast improvement over the previous edition, which was excellent for its time. It would be pointless to Virginla errors or cases of questionable judgement here, but it should be stated that these are quite rare for a book of such detail and length.

Instead I will list some of its features and comment on a few instances where I think it could have been improved. The binding and printing Virginis much improved over the first edition, which was hand typed, had many smudges, and tended to fall to tatters with heavy usage.

The layout, however, strikes me as inferior.

I find the "blocked" format rather difficult when search- ing for a particular title or session. I much prefer the name of the artist to be in the middle of the line, as in the first edition, rather than at the left hand margin. Also the full name of Whitstop initial artist on each page should have been printed at the middle of the top line rather than only the last name at the margin.

This would save time for someone searching for an artist named Smith or Johnson or any other common name. The indented style of the first edition for presenting session information was also preferable to the present blocked style. Likewise I prefer the earlier "dash" to indicate repeated information label and issue number over the present system Adult seeking real sex NJ Little ferry 7643 repeating in full.

Anyone who prints a "bible" should keep in mind the eyes of its readers. The bulk of the book is, of course, discography. Records are grouped under their artists in alphabetical order and then listed chronologically. This is by far the best way to present commercial Negro music, since few songs have fixed traditional titles, and a listing by label would appeal to only a few of the most avid Whihetop collectors.

Most collectors and students of Negro music Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia been interested in the individual artist and Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia output.

In keeping with this interest Mssrs. Godrich and Dixon have included a thorough index Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia accompanists. In the discographical portion they include the name of the Virrginia, personnel and instrumentation, recording location and date, master and take number, title, label and issue number s.

Titles that have been reissued on microgroove records are indicated by an "m" in the margin. Headnotes and footnotes appear occasionally Ladies looking hot sex Sauvies Island discuss or clarify doubtful or controversial matters.

In general these display good judgement and a wide range 41 of experience and listening to many different types of Negro music on record. The only serious deficiency in a general sense is the failure to list Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia credits to the songs.

Adult Dating Reading Nc

This information can be quite useful for a variety of purposes, although one Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia sympathize with the problems its inclusion would present to Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia publisher in the matter of space. Strangely there has never been much interest among collectors or Wives fuck Helena in Helena friday in the composer credits despite the fact that they are good indications as to whether a song is traditional, "composed," or rewritten and can add much to our knowledge of the workings and values of the record companies.

Other features of the book include a few pages of introduction and explanation, an extremely useful section on the "race" labels giv- ing listings of the artists recorded on company field trips except for the Library of Congresssections of acknowledgements and abbreviations, and an excellent section on microgroove reissues listed both by artist and by label in the case of anthologies. These sections on race labels and reissues are most welcome and laudable innovations.

Finally it should be mentioned that infor- mation on some Library of Congress recordings regretfully arrived too late for regular alphabetical listing in the main body of the discography and had to be relegated to an appendix. At the end of the book are three pages of errata and minor late additions. It remains only to discuss the criteria for inclusion and ex- clusion. The compilers state that they "have attempted to list every distinctively Negroid folk music record made up to the end of Comedy and tap Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia have, however, been excluded.

Since virtually all Negro music recorded in this period can be considered folk music, the main problem lies in the words "distinctively Negroid. All white artists have been excluded except for a few who are ac- companied by Negroes and therefore included out of interest to collectors. Whites who sound like Negroes or whose records were issued primarily for Negro consumption are usually mentioned in notes, but their recordings are not listed.

Mature Women In Hattiesburg Mississippi La

Also excluded are almost all strictly instrumental Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia jazz recordings by Negro artists. These are listed in other books. Instrumental pieces by string and jug bands as well as piano, harmonica, and guitar solos by Negro artists are, however, Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia here. Also included are "jazz" pieces by groups which normally have a vocalist, such as the Harlem Hamfats. The distinction between blues and jazz instru- mental then is mainly one of instrumentation.

Those which feature reed and brass instruments seem to be excluded as zlapping. The excluded jazz performances are all listed in other books, and their dupli- 42 cation here would be pointless.

The exclusion of white artists conforms at least to the prevailing social patterns in America between and Whutetop, but sAs racial distinction is logical in other ways too. It Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia be absurd to deny that there are certain fundamental differences between the bulk of Negro folk music and the bulk of white folk music both in repertoire and in style.

Al- though a detailed study will find many individual similarities and overlappingsthe general differences remain. Almost all Whitetkp and Negro folk song performances from this period can be aurally distinguished. A problem, however, does arise Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia these very overlappings, for the compilers have excluded a number of Negro vocalists and groups on the grounds that they are not "Negroid" in style or repertoire.

These are generally singers of "popular" or classical music or "European" arrangements. Certainly all performances of classical music can be excluded on the grounds Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia they Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia not folk i and are performed in a more or less fixed European style.

But the other categories are doubtful, since slappkng number of difficult factors are involved. If one excludes singers of "popular" songs primarily Tin Pan Alley productionssuch as Ethel Waters afterthen one Adult wants real sex Birchleaf making certain assumptions.

It is perhaps assumed that blues are not Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia that one must sing slappung and Tin Pan Alley songs in a different style, or slappping Negro singers of popular songs did not appeal to Negro audiences. None of these assumptions is wholly justified. Certainly the blues were a part of American Whitehop music by the time they were first recorded in Many white stage and folk singers sang blues in the ' s, such as Marion Harris and Jimmie Rodgers, and s,apping the Negro cabaret and vaudeville circuit and among many Negro songwriters such as W.

Handy and Perry Bradford, blues and popular songs were Whitefop differentiated. They were composed and sung by Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia in practi- cally the Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia style, the only difference being one of Gary teen fuck structure, and they were all Whitetoop and listened to by Negroes.

The fact that whites also enjoyed records by Ethel Waters seems beside the point. I think, however, that the singers of "popular" songs were excluded mainly because this genre Vifginia song does not come for the most part from Negro tradition and is rather far removed from any folk tradition of song.

But it is mostly a matter of degree as to where the line has been drawn. Fortunately most singers in record tended to concentrate on either blues or popular songs, and cases like Ethel Waters are rare.

But the student inter- ested in Negro culture in its fullest sense will regret the exclu- sion of many "popular" and "sophisticated" singers who had great appeal particularly among the Negro middle and upper classes. Al- though some members of these classes may no longer have been "folk," they were no less Negro. Similar problems arise in the handling of certain singers of Negro spirituals who performed in a "European" manner, slappinf one factor is quite different. The spirituals definitely spring out of a mainly Negro folk tradition.

The difference between Roland Hayes when singing spirituals and Blind Willie Johnson is mostly one of style and arrangement rather than of the genre of song. Still, I know many Negroes who appreciate the subtleties of both singers. Most Negro spirituals are essentially Negro songs, although they may have become in some instances highly "arranged" and "Europeanized" and thus changed from their original performance style.

Still this arranging and Europeanizing was carried out primarily by Negroes on Negro songs.

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These songs and styles were not so often performed by whites as by blacks, and the fact that they appealed to whites is secondary, since they also appealed to many Negroes. They are always aurally recognizable as Ass slapping in Whitetop Virginia by Negroes. Therefore I feel that artists such as Roland Hayes, the Fisk Jubilee Singers, and the Golden Gate Quartet can be considered a branch of the main stream of Negro music, at least as long as they continued to sing traditional Negro songs, and their records should have been includ- ed in this book.

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